10 Reasons To Love Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez might have started as a Disney starlet, but she’s evolved into an inspiring woman, with producer and philanthropist efforts to boot. Here are some other amazing aspects of the singer that you may not have known before.

1. She doesn’t fuel wars or beefs with fellow celebrities – instead, she celebrates the friendships and healthy bonds she has with friends like Taylor Swift, and Jen Aniston, empowering females and their bonds which is important for young girls to see.

2. Her fashion game is on point and she’s close with Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, acting as the face of the Louis Vuitton and Coach campaigns. But somehow, she’s not one of those cliquey fashion girls. Instead, she stays relatable.

3. She’s open with her struggles and imperfections, raising awareness but also taking a break from the limelight to focus on her health. She openly discussed her struggles with autoimmune disease lupus, anxiety and depression. She famously cancelled her European and South American Revival Tour schedules to focus on her recovery instead.

4. On a related note, a big move she made for mental health during that limelight break was disappearing from IG for a few months. Some stars are simply obsessed with social media and ego, but Selena realized she needed to take a break and focus on herself. We celebrate her dedication to self-care and the message it sends to young girls.

5. Besides being so relatable with her struggles, she also helps those in need and is quite charitable. Appointed UNICEF ambassador at age 17, Gomez has been a spokesperson for their trick or treat campaign, and vocal about social change.

6. Another instance of her caring for the people is her passionate supporter of LGBT communities. Before play revival tour in North Carolina spoke out about how wrong their “bathroom bill” is and said she wanted everyone who came to her show to feel welcome, hence a donating a portion of proceeds to the Equality North Carolina.

7. The actress raised mental health awareness with her Netflix show 13 reasons why and acts as an inspiration for girls all over. From actress to producer at such a young age, this career-oriented beauty can inspire so many, rather than just being a boy crazy, shallow socialite.

8. She’s also known for being super kind and gracious to her fans. While some celebs pretend to be dedicated to their loyal fans and snub them in person, this gal really does care about her Selenators. She tags fans and tell them she loves them on IG, sneaks into fans bedrooms on IG and goes out of her way to take pics with them.

9. Because she taught women not to settle when she ejected The Biebs from her life, who Hailey Baldwin is now stuck with. Selena proved that you don’t need a man to be the best version of yourself – especially one that contributes towards an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

10. When she did move on, she went from good girl to bad girl in the classiest way ever, opting for R&B singer The Weeknd. Who doesn’t want to date a sexy crooner? But she never makes any of her relationships what define her, because she’s in a perpetual glow-up all on her own.

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