A Woman Who Gave Birth To a Goat Shocked Everyone [WATCH VIDEO]

Alphonsine Mwanaburhanda known as Sifa had given birth to six children without a problem. Then conceived again and she was expecting a seventh child. She waited for nine months but she couldn’t give birth.

Around the 10th month of her pregnancy, when she was sleeping in her house with her six children, she felt weak and by the time she was lying down, she started to give birth.

What came out was something unexpected, it was a goat-like thing and everyone was so shocked.

The Afrimax Team visited this woman and she told us her story, which took place in 2020 in the Republic Democratic of Congo, in South Kivu.

Watch the video below:

“After I gave birth, the goat’s eyes were widely open. It looked me in the eyes and tried to get up but after some 30 minutes it d**ed,” she said.

Her children were the first ones to get surprised, as one of them asked her, “Mum, what is that? Did you give birth to a goat?”

The shocked mother sent her children out to call out for neighbours to come over and help, since it was around 1 am. Neighbours came and they were couldn’t believe what they were just seeing lying there behind Sifa.

In the wee hours of that day, the story had spread as far as to the clinic which has done a massive campaign to encourage women to give them at the hospital.

Dr. Chali Luhombo Nyawulu at Umuja Health Center was dispatched together with another small contingent to rush out for assessment and offer some help to this 29 years old woman.

The team arrived at the scene in the early hours of the day, and they were surprised to learn that what they had thought to be rumours were actually true.

This goat birth is a miracle because I have been a doctor for many years, and I have not seen a case like this,” he said, “I was there myself, when I came I found a baby goat lying on its mother’s side. It had a black and white face, for real it didn’t look like a human being, it was a real goat,” he concluded.

This goat-like thing had d**ed after just 30 minutes on Earth. “We stayed there with neighbours until morning. Everybody was looking with a shocked face talking about a strange thing that just happened to me,” Sifa explained what happened to her after giving birth.

When Sifa’s husband heard the news, he simply vanished from the area and ghosted his wife. “When my husband knew about it, he left me alone, saying that a woman who gives birth to a goat could not stay with him,” Sifa told us.

Her mother, Mwankavu, also heard the news and rushed to the scene. She was shocked to learn that what was being said was actually true.

“As soon as I heard the news, I was horrified. I was so shocked because I have never seen anything like it since I was born. I saw the goat with my eyes, therefore everyone was afraid of it and they went to hide it and bury it,” she said.

But as her daughter’s husband had disappeared, and yet everyone was accusing her daughter to have some witchcraft, she feared for her life and decided to take her in her own house.

“I saw that everyone had left my child and no one was comforting her. So I took her with my grandchildren and if it is to starve, we would starve together. His husband has never talked to me and he has never come to visit them,” she said.

The family kept pleading to the man to come back and he did come back at some point. He then impregnated his wife again, and he also escaped and had never come back. This last pregnancy, however, succeeded as the family gave birth to a healthy child who is still alive today.

Everyone whom we talked to in this story believes there might be an element of w**tchcraft, since it is not understandable for a woman who had slept with a man to give birth to a baby goat.

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