Anita Brown Set to Drag Davido to Court to Demand Child Support

Anita Brown, the American woman claiming to be pregnant for Nigerian music star, Davido, has vowed to take him to court.

She said she will contact a lawyer and start the process of filing an application to see that he takes up the responsibility of catering for their child.

Anita, who was discovered to be an adult film star, said she would not allow herself to be silenced like other women that Davido has been with.

She stated this in a series of tweets, adding that she will also sue people who are defaming her character.

The model wrote; “I’ll have a lawyer by Tuesday! Period!

It’s about 6 babymothers, UNPAID! And struggling! Speaking out like deadbeat! All cause they can’t really go to no real judge and have favor! SMD! Here I COME!

All that defamation of character. I’m letting a lawyer handle Every single thing that tried to destroy my character trust me I’m going to have my lawyer in the midst.

Foreign men take advantage Cause if they was married to American woman they wouldn’t even be doing all that cheating. Cause that’s grounds for divorce and half of everything u own! Stop taking advantage of woman.

Y’all keep playing with me, I’m start accepting these interviews I’m being asked to do! That’s my next step ! Talk about what a womanizer that man is Getting all these diff woman pregnant. Trying to convince everyone to have a abortion and blaming it on his dead child.

IdgAf about no damn fans talking shit. I’m built for this. I been through REAL STUFF in life. Not no social media minions, y’all think I’m that weak! Lmao! No BOO!”

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