“Avatar 2: The Way of Water” Tough guy Colonel Quach returns to revenge consciousness and becomes Avatar

In the “Avatar” movie, the human villain Colonel Quach, played by Stephen Lang, is impressive. He is also very oppressive in the face of the Na’vi while driving the mecha, which once pushed the protagonist into a desperate situation. Previous reports have mentioned that Stephen Lang will return in “Avatar 2: The Way of Water”, and in a recent interview with “Empire” magazine, he revealed that he will appear in the sequel as Avatar, but his identity remains the same. It’s “Colonel Quach”.

In “Avatar”, Colonel Quach’s human body has died, but in the sequel, his consciousness entered the body of Avatar through technological means, that is, he became an Avatar with human consciousness and memory. And because of his previous experience of being killed by the male protagonist, he will seek revenge in the sequel, and he will also act with more Avatars of the human camp.

“He’s bigger, more ‘blue’, and very angry. But maybe also a little more cautious, after all you’ve been shot twice in the chest (that’s how you died in the previous game), and that’s definitely going to make a difference. .”

It’s not just Colonel Quatkey, but RDA, the shriveled human company in Avatar, will return with updated technology to take on the Na’vi. This time, RDA will set its sights on the ocean of Pandora and continue to mine resources. In the sequel, RDA has built a city on the planet Pandora, and can 3D print weapons and equipment, and the Na’vi will face even more powerful human enemies.

“Avatar 2: The Way of Water” opens in North America on December 16, and Cameron likens the series to his own “Lord of the Rings.”

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