BLIND Trust Part 3 By Ndubuisi Mirabel Chinasa


Chapter 3

Mr Andrew furthered Marvel and Erica till they got to Jss2 when he had an accident on his way back from work
The accident almost took his life,he was left crippled
He was rushed to the hospital immediately the accident occured,they were four inside the cab,he was the only one that survived

Monica was in shop feeling uncomfortable, she got up from the chair she has been sitting… she sat down again feeling restless
She picked her phone from the table and scrolled through her contacts, she flinged the phone

A minute later she locked up her shop and went home,her three children were already in the sitting room waiting for her

Ehe mummy somebody came here oh…Her daughter Anna spoke

It’s true mum… Said Raphael

Who is the person? She questioned looking around

One tall man,he said daddy has been admitted….

He said daddy had an accident earlier this evening… Raphael interrupted

Jesus Christ!!! Monica screamed

He was admitted….mum do you know that hospital where you gave birth to Cecelia, he’s there…Anna said

Monica threw her handbag away and ran to the hospital, she wasn’t allowed to see her husband for two hours

When she finally went in, she saw Marvel and Erica sitting close to him..
Monica was shocked,they allowed the two girls be with him but she was restricted to see her own husband for two hours

Monica looked at Marvel, she held her by the hair and pulled out of the ward followed by Erica

Why is she wicked? Erica asked

I don’t know,I’m not God… Marvel replied

Should we go home?

Let’s go since his wife is here… Said marvel

Mr Andrew woke up after some hours,he was in severe pains…
The accident rendered him crippled
He cried when he saw his two legs bandaged heavily

He was discharged after three weeks,he manages to get up with his clutches

Marvel stopped going to school, she was always beside her uncle, taking care of him and praying for him
Her uncle didn’t like the fact that she stopped going to school because of him while Anna and Raphael does nothing
Jumping from one compound to another looking for trouble

One morning Monica was preparing to leave the house to the market when marvel entered the kitchen

Good morning Auntie… she greeted

How can I help you?

Auntie… it’s about uncle’s breakfast,he said you shouldn’t add pepper to it because he had injuries inside his….

Monica poured Marvel the hot egg she was frying, marvel screamed and ran out of the kitchen pulling off her clothes

Mr Andrew watched her from the window,he called her several times but she didn’t answer
Her flesh were peeling off

For Christ sake must you always hurt this girl Monica? Mr Andrew yelled at wife

Monica came out from the kitchen,he stared at her husband and hissed

You’re on a wheelchair and….

Don’t you dare insult me Monica…he warned

Monica gave him a resounding knock on the head,he rubbed his head and abused his wife

One more word from your stinking mouth I’ll rub hot oil on it… she said

You can’t do anything…he shouted

Monica went into the kitchen, she came out with a hot spoon.. she gave her husband a terrible mark on the lip
Mr Andrew cried loudly, Marvel rushed in…her eyes met with Monica’s own and she ran out

From today you will eat whatever I give you,if you complain you won’t eat throughout that day… she said going back to the kitchen

Mr Andrew sat on his wheelchair with his hands akimbo when a young man entered the parlour
The man sat on the couch looking at him

Who are you? Mr Andrew asked

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself…I’m actually your wife’s brother.. she asked me to wait for her here… the young man said

But I haven’t seen this face before,I know all her siblings

Oh! Her cousin please

Really? Is it Tricia that gave birth to you or Tana? Asked Mr Andrew

None Sir, it’s Sylvie, the one that got married at Rivers state..he answered

Oh oh, Sylvie,my good in-law… this one you came with your bag..are you spending some time with us???

Yes sir..he replied feeling awkward

Mr Andrew smiled and shook his head,he began telling him how the accident which rendered him crippled occurred

Monica entered immediately when her cousin Joe was about to say sorry to him

Monica was shocked seeing Joe… she swallowed hard and went inside her bedroom

Joe followed her to the room, She was sitting on the bed.. sweating profusely

You didn’t tell me you were coming,why did you come here? She asked

I came here the moment I learnt that Andrew had an accident besides I already told him that I’m your cousin
That your elder sister you told me about that got married at Rivers state,I told him I’m your sister’s son… Sylvie

You should have told me before coming here Joe! She said

Should I go?

I didn’t say that.. she responded

Erm I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that my brother Joe ….

It doesn’t matter…Mr Andrew chipped

I’m sorry though… she said and Mr Andrew kept quiet

Monica looked at him and smiled, she walked out on him to go prepare dinner
She was making dinner when Joe entered hugging her from behind

Marvelous came in to drop the keg of water she fetched,Joel disengaged from her body immediately

Can’t you knock? Monica was asked hitting her with a spoon

I’m sorry.. She apologized rubbing her head

Sorry for yourself…

Who is she? Joe asked

My sister’s daughter… she answered giving her sign to leave


Yes, Eunice.. she’s currently in Dubai…

And she left her daughter with you? You shouldn’t have even beaten her with that spoon, not fair Monica…he said

To be continued 🤗

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