BLIND TRUST Part 4 by Ndubuisi Mirabel Chinasa


Marvelous walked pass her uncle who bent his head on his laps
She turned immediately she noticed his head on his, she tapped him several times but he still remained still

She became scared and pulled his head up, his head fell back to his laps
Marvelous screamed calling out on Joe who was playing game inside the kids room

What is it? He asked looking at her

My uncle is dead ooo.. she cried

Joe tapped Mr Andrew at the back of his head

“This man don go” he murmured

Please let’s take him to the hospital first…. Marvel suggested

He’s dead already, let’s just call his wife and other relatives,then he can be taken to the mortuary

Marvel held her gown tightly, she sat on the floor crying

After some minutes Monica came back home with her three children… she pretended to be touched by Mr Andrew’s death
She didn’t hesitate to call Mr Andrew’s siblings and parents before then he was already placed on the floor, his hands and legs were stretched
He was covered with a black bedsheet

Marvel rolled on the floor as people held and begged her to stop crying

An Autopsy needs to be carried out before my uncle will be buried… She said amidst tears

Why am Autopsy? Mr Andrew’s elder sister asked

I fed him this morning and there wasn’t any sign of….

Shut up my friend, what do you know about Autopsy? Monica shouted

I know what I’m saying… she said

If you don’t shut your trash I’ll do that for you… Monica threatened

An Autopsy really needs to be carried out, marvel is right…Joe chipped

Joe! Really??? Monica asked looking at him

I did wanted to ask, who’s this young man? Mr Andrew’s mother asked

Actually he’s my nephew… she answered

“Nephew,I thought she said cousin before” Marvel murmured to herself


Mr Andrew was taken to the mortuary, everyone left the house that day except Andrew’s mother
She stayed behind

Monica…Mr Andrew’s mum Pauline called Monica

Mama… she answered

My son had an accident for months now and you refused to tell us, you refused to tell me Monica

Mama I’m sorry, I’ve been taking good care of him since the incident… she replied wiping her tears

Don’t cry,I know how you feel my dear… it’s well

I miss my husband… she cried

Marvelous looked at her like “This one don mad before?”

The next day Eunice called Monica, Monica was in her room sobbing when the call came in

I heard what happened Monica,so sorry for the loss… Said Eunice

I’m really heartbroken,I really love and miss my husband..I’m now a young widow.. she cried

It’s well,I’m deeply sorry my sister,I know how you feel..I feel your pains too

It’s fine my dear, thanks for checking up on your sister ooo

No problem, please pass the phone to marvelous let me console her too… Eunice told her

Monica called marvel and gave her the phone, she left the compound to answer the call not knowing that it was on record

How are you my darling… said Eunice

Mum I’m not fine here, when are you coming back? She asked

Very soon baby girl, how’s your studies.. hope you’re paying attention to…

Since my uncle had accident I haven’t smelt school, auntie Monica is not a good person, I always sell pure water on the road for hours,mum I’m very tired

Are you being serious?

Yes but don’t ask her

It’s well,I’ll call my friend.. she will come to the house to pick you, make sure you go with her

But I can’t leave now that my uncle is dead, tell her to come in a week time.

I will..I love you

I love you too mum .

Marvelous handed the phone to Monica, Monica unlocked the phone and listened to the conversation
She called marvel to her room

What an audacity… Monica shouted slapping marvelous,her front teeth fell off

What did you tell your mother? She barked landing another slap on her face

Marvel saw stars leaving her eyes as she felt her two teeths fall

Can’t you talk again?

Auntie please take it easy on me… she pleaded spitting out blood

A bottle landed on her head, Marvel fell on the floor crying and begging helplessly
She was bleeding

“How did she find out?” Marvel thought as Monica’s whip landed severally on her body
“Omo I’m writing and crying at the same time 😭”

Monica pulled marvel up, she tore her clothes and inner wears, she went to the kitchen and blended pepper

She came inside the room, locked it behind and opened Marvel’s legs apart… she poured the pepper inside her private part

Innocent marvelous was weak already, she was tired of crying,her head was aching and bleeding
Her body was pierced with razor blade, she couldn’t talk not until she felt the hotness of the pepper inside her private part

She screamed loudly, begging people to come to her aid,joe kept banging on the door for Monica to open but she paid deaf ears
She really tortured marvelous, when she was done she dragged her to the backyard and lay her under the sun

You want to paint me black, stupid girl… she shouted as Joe slapped her from behind

Are you stupid? Do you want to kill her? Joe shouted

Marvelous couldn’t open her eyes,they were filled with pepper

You slapped me?

And I’ll do that again,look at this girl’s body, just imagine Anna being treated this way by your own blood sister

Monica hissed and walked out on her, Joe really felt sorry for the girl,he got water from the borehole and washed her body carefully
He gave her a pinch of salt to lick

Marvelous lay on the mat, she was restless, she was in deep pains, her body was filled with bruises
She lay staring at Joe who was fanning her private part because she kept complaining of fire burning her down there

To Be Continued 🤗

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