Blizzard will no longer update content for Blizzard Heroes

In a brief blog post , Blizzard announced that it would not be updating any new content for Heroes of the Storm, which just celebrated its 7th anniversary, but that the game itself would continue to be “similar to StarCraft”. II” mode”, keeping patches updated and balancing the game “as needed”. The game store will also remain open, but nothing new will be added to the game or store.

In order to express its gratitude to the “Blizzard Heroes” community and players, Blizzard said that it will send all players a free in-game mount in the next update. 

This is finally the end of “Blizzard Heroes”, but in fact “Blizzard Heroes” has been quiet for a long time. As early as 2018, Blizzard had transferred most of the members of the “Blizzard Heroes” team to other projects. Since then, the content of “Blizzard Heroes” has increased very slowly, and the last new hero has been added. It’s 2020.

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