Cardi B Is an ‘Emotional Proud Mommy’ After Daughter Kulture’s Graduation

Cardi B is a proud mother!

On Thursday, the 30-year-old rapper celebrated her and Offset’s daughter, Kulture’s, graduation with a series of photos and videos from the big day.

Kulture, who turns five next month, is seen wearing a lab coat as she walks up to a microphone and says, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor,” as her mom and others cheered.

“Dr. Cephus,” Cardi captioned the video.

Cardi also shared a series of sweet photos on Instagram, saying, “My baby moving on up🎓I’m a emotional proud mommy🥺🖤Give me good grades and I’ll give you the world baby 🌏.”

In addition to Kulture, the rappers share son Wave, 21 months. The “Ric Flair Drip” rapper is also a father to son Jordan with ex Justine Watson, son Kody, 8, with ex Oriel Jamie, and daughter Kalea, 8, with ex Shya L’Amour.

Earlier this week, Cardi found herself in the middle of a feud with the stepson of one of the men who was missing on the Titanic submersible after he spoke out after the rapper and others criticized his choice to attend Monday’s Blink-182 concert.

Brian Szasz, who is the stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding, attended the Blink-182 concert in San Diego, California, the same day that it was reported that the sub carrying Harding and four other passengers lost signal.

At the time, Cardi took to her Instagram Stories to share her unfiltered thoughts.

“People is like, ‘Well what is he supposed to do? Be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for himself?’ Yes,” she said. “You supposed to be at the house sad. You supposed to be crying for me. You supposed to be right next to the phone waiting to hear any updates about me.”

“Isn’t it sad that you a whole f**king billionaire and nobody gives a f**k about you?” she added. “That’s crazy. I’d rather be broke. I’d rather be broke and poor, but knowing that I’m loved.”

Szasz responded to Cardi on Twitter, writing, “What a pos trashy celeb. Cardi B trying to get clout off me and my families suffering. I went to a Blink 182 concert for coping rather than sitting at home and watching the news. Shame on you Cardi get some class!”

On Wednesday, Szasz took to his Instagram Story to go more in depth about his decision to attend the show and to speak out against Cardi’s comments.

“Believe it or not I have about $100 to my name. I can’t go out to the ocean. I have a legal situation keeping me here as well. I can’t get on a flight. I don’t have a passport,” he claimed. “I was sitting here yesterday watching the news for two days straight. I go to a Blink-182 show because I have a ticket. It wasn’t like I was having super fun, it wasn’t like I was celebrating having a great time. I was just listening to some of my all-time favorite songs just nodding my head and just trying to get off the phone for maybe two hours or so and come right back into the drama. The submarine is stuck at the damn Titanic. There’s nothing I can do for the situation at all.”

He went on to blast the “W.A.P” rapper, adding, “So you take a complete b**ch like Cardi B, has no idea what’s going on, her career is in such turmoil she needs clout off other people’s suffering… tries to use the situation to exploit. They’re not feeling sorry that my mom has to take care of two kids, not really giving a f**k that my stepdad is probably 99 percent chance he’s dead. That doesn’t matter… Cardi B, f**king grow up, get some class, you’re tasteless.”

The 21-foot submersible — owned by OceanGate Expeditions — lost contact with its support ship less than two hours after beginning their dive in the North Atlantic on Sunday. A search and rescue operation was quickly initiated, led by the U.S. Coast Guard. The ship was outfitted with approximately 96 hours of air. All five passengers aboard are presumed dead following a “catastrophic implosion.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, the “catastrophic implosion” was actually heard days ago when secret U.S. Navy underwater microphones — designed to detect enemy submarines — first detected the implosion just hours after the OceanGate Expeditions’ vessel began its voyage on Sunday.

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