“Chichi don blow” – Reactions As Cardi B Shares Chichi’s Photo Where She Recreated One Of Her Looks [PHOTO]

Social media users have gone haywire after American rapper Cardi B reshared Chichi’s birthday photo where she recreated one of her looks.

Chichi has been trending on social media after she clashed with reality star Allysyn over her age. Chichi disclosed on her page that she couldn’t wait to turn 23 but Allysyn floored her tweet.

Following the clash about her age, some Facebook diggers dug up old photos of Chichi dating as far back as 2013 with a man and a child. Many alleged that the man and the child were Chichi’s husband and child.

However, in the midst of the bad energy around Chichi, it seems there’s a piece of good news coming through for the reality star as an American rapper, Cardi B has reshared Chichi’s birthday photo where she recreated one of her looks.

@Nonye wrote : I tell una say the moment u start hating person wey no do u anything, u just open doors of victory and success for that person. 🔥❤️❤️❤️

@Awalyzrosie also commented: People are busy wondering when she was born, baby girl is busy cashing out. Who still wants to know weather she’s 23 or 32?😂😂😂😂 This one sweet

@Angelachi also wrote: She has been trying to get her attention, she don blow

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