Chrome browser supports password management with fingerprint authentication ~ Also available on Mac

Google’s Chrome browser, which boasts the top share among web browsers , supports password management by biometric authentication such as fingerprints in version 106 .

This feature is available on Mac as well as Windows PC.

Chrome browser that supports password management by biometric authentication

A new commitment to Chromium Gerrit has discovered the ability to manage passwords with biometrics.
Chrome browser version 106 will now be able to require biometrics to access stored passwords .
This feature seems to be disabled by default in version 106 of the Chrome browser, but it can be enabled by manually enabling the flag.
By requiring biometrics to access passwords, password management will be more secure.

Also available on Mac but not on Chrome OS

This feature is available on Mac as well as Windows PC .
However, for some reason it cannot be used on Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS .
It’s unclear why this feature isn’t available on Chrome OS, even though many Chromebooks have a fingerprint sensor.

Source: Chrome Story via Android Central

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