Edge browser ranked first in the ranking of browsers that business users like

Although the Microsoft Edge browser has a browser market share far below that of Google Chrome , the latest research reveals that it is highly regarded in the business market.

37.77% say Microsoft Edge is their “favorite browser”

TechRadar Pro, a US media company, collaborated with Perimeter 81, a virtual private network (VPN) service provider, to conduct a browser survey of 3,000 people working in a company.
As a result, 37.77% cited Microsoft Edge as their “favorite browser”, surpassing Google Chrome’s 33.01% .
However, Statcounter’s global browser market share (total of desktop and mobile) is 65.87% for Google Chrome, 18.61% for Safari, 4.13% for Microsoft Edge , and Firefox. Although it exceeds 3.26%, it is considerably different from Safari as well as Google Chrome.

Edge is valued in the business market

Microsoft Edge has grown steadily since its introduction in 2020, mostly due to the end of service of Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer. TechRadar notes that although Microsoft Edge is pre-installed on the
new Windows 11 and has been aggressively marketing, it hasn’t been very tied to new user acquisition. However, the results of this survey that “Microsoft Edge is preferred by business people” can be said to show that the quality including high security that Microsoft has been focusing on is evaluated in the business market. ..

Source: TechRadar , Statcounter

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