Good performance of lens suppliers for iPhone 14 release-Why Taiwanese companies supply the most

DigiTimes is expected to see strong sales in June and strong in July for iPhone camera lens suppliers Taiwan Largan Precision (Largan Precision) and Genius Electronic Optical ( GSEO : Genius Electronic Optical). I reported.

Largan Precision, the largest supplier of lenses for the iPhone 14

Largan Precision is expected to supply more lenses for the rear camera of the iPhone 14 series than. Regarding iPhone camera lenses , DigiTimes has entered a Chinese company due to Apple’s intention to reduce the purchase price by competing with suppliers, but the supply of Largan Precision has increased in terms of yield, production capacity and technical capabilities. It explains that it is. Largan Precision currently positions lenses for automotive cameras and lenses for virtual reality (VR) -related products as growth areas, and is expected to begin shipping in small numbers in the fourth quarter of 2022 (October-December). increase.


Apple’s headset lens supply and rumored GSEO

GSEO is ahead of Largan Precision in supplying lenses for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) related products . Jones Chen, CEO of
GSEO , predicts that shipments of lenses for VR-related products will increase significantly in 2023 and shipments of lenses for AR-related products will increase significantly in 2025 in the market. doing.
The company is also focusing on supplying lenses for the Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) of European automobile manufacturers, and industry insiders say that it will achieve profitability in 2023 or 24.
Source: DigiTimes

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