Google to test next-generation AR glasses in the real world starting in August

At the I/O conference in May this year, Google quietly previewed a new generation of AR glasses . Now it has been officially announced that real-world testing of this product will begin as soon as August. “Testing in the real world will allow us to better understand how these devices can help people in their daily lives,” Juston Payne, product manager for Google’s AR and VR division, wrote on the official blog. “When we develop something like AR When navigating a feature like this, actual measurements can help us factor in factors such as weather and heavy traffic conditions, which are difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce indoors.”

It is reported that only a few dozen people participated in the test, including Google employees and testers trusted by some manufacturers. 

The prototype used will be equipped with a camera, microphone and lens display, and Google hopes to use it to evaluate functions involving audio and visual sensing such as translation, subtitles, and navigation. But despite this, the glasses were not able to take pictures or video during the test. The image data used in the test function will be deleted “after the experience is completed”, unless it is needed for adjustment and analysis. And even in this case, Google promises to delete sensitive information such as faces and license plates, and the data used for research will be cleared after 30 days.

In addition, Payne also emphasized that the new glasses are still in the early stages of development, and the specific launch schedule has not yet been determined.

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