HBO Max halts filming of most European originals

After the parent company of the streaming video platform HBO Max was officially reorganized into Warner Bros. Discovery and split from its old owner AT&T, it is conceivable that the gold source will be greatly reduced. According to Variety ‘s report, they confirmed that they have stopped filming of original works in Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Turkey and some central European countries, leaving only the Spanish and French teams to continue working. According to reports Warner Bros. Discovery is implementing a cost reduction plan of up to $3 billion, it is not surprising that HBO Max will be affected.

That said, some of the highly rated productions in HBO Max are from the affected regions, including Sweden’s Lust, Denmark’s Kamikaze, and Hungary’s drama The Informant, all of which will be removed from the global screening list. cull. Although the team that has already started production will continue to work, the finished product is said to be sold to other platforms, and Warner is only a production character.

Compared with rivals Netflix and Amazon, which have produced as much as 30% of their shows in Europe in recent years , HBO Max’s withdrawal is obviously a disappointment, and Variety also believes that it will also affect their local business. However, in today’s weak global economy, Netflix has also made major layoffs , which shows that the streaming video market may have entered a dark period.

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