Huawei Tag object tracker debuts with features similar to AirTag

Huawei (Huawei) recently held a press conference. In addition to announcing the launch of the new mobile phone nova 10 series, it also released its first anti-lost tracker product, the Huawei Tag, priced at $99.

According to Huawei’s official introduction, the Huawei Tag is very thin and light, with a thickness of only 5.6mm and a weight of 6g. It has IP67 dust and water resistance and a battery life of more than one year.

(Image source: Huawei official website)

Huawei Tag supports close-range search, and has a maximum 92dB alarm sound that allows users to identify positions by sound. Huawei Tag also has a quick reminder mode. If the item is dropped for more than 15 seconds, an alarm will pop up on the paired phone. The purpose of Huawei Tag is similar to Apple’s AirTag, which is mainly used to “find” the location of other Huawei devices.

(Image source: Huawei official website)

In terms of privacy, Huawei emphasizes that the location data of the HUAWEI Tag will be encrypted. If there is a Huawei Tag that does not belong to me for a long time, an alarm will be triggered as a security reminder.

The Huawei Tag is priced at RMB 99 (approximately HK$116) for a single, and RMB 299 (approximately HK$350) for a four-pack. It will be the first to be officially released in the mainland on July 30.

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