I Lost 300 Pounds And Now I Dream To Be A Model [WATCH VIDEO]

It’s a gr**elling journey to develop s**ckness that can drastically change your life for good. It can be lonely and very d**pressing at the same time, and if one fails to find a corresponding help, life can easily turn upside down.

This is what happened to this woman who was obese two years prior our visit to her, as she weighed an incredible 600 pounds.

“Before I got obese, I was self-employed, I was a hardwoking woman, I was put down by this d**sease and it reached a point my landlord was about to chase me out of the house,” she said tearfully.

Watch the video below:

Her obesity, among other healthy complications, made her life incredibly m**serable and her husband left her, in addition to her business failing.

When we visited her for the very first time, The Afrimax Community gathered and went to visit her with the basic necessities she would need throughout her life, including food stuff and paying her rent for a whole year.

Her reaction was immeasurable back then.

“When you came over to see it for the first time, I was having a lot of problems, especially where to live. The Afrimax Community visited me and paid my rent for the whole year, it was an incredible gesture and support you gave me, I cannot thank you enough,” she joyfully said.

Paying her rent was an incredible help since her landlord had th**eatened to chase her away if she failed to pay him.

“My rent is done and I will be paying for myself. What makes me happy now is that I have people whom I partner with to do some exercises and physical activities. I was taught to prepare for a particular diet that can help me to deal with my specific problems. I was also taught how to do corresponding physician activities that can help me out,” she added.

When we left, she had promised to work on her physical shape and lose weight, and she asked us to return back after a year to witness those changes.

We honoured her wish and went back to visit her. Even though she is still classified as overweight in general, she has made a massively big stride towards reducing her weight, since she had reduced an incredible 300 pounds from the combination of physical activities and extremely balanced diet, only dedicated to her own physical conditions.

“You can see the reason I am smiling, it’s because I made a big improvement and I will soon be a model. I always told my parents that I was going to be a model and I plan to join the beauty pageants,” she said.

Her goals are now extended since she is able to work and take care of herself again.

“I wish to restart my business and I want it to help me to pay my bills. I also want to have my own house even if it can be just one room, I would be content with it big time,” she said.

She is thankful to everyone who has been helpful to her and also she is willing to tell others that it is possible to f**ght overweight and win it, as long as you are dedicated enough.

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