“I nurtured Chinenye & Sonia to become stars but still begging them to film in my movie”- Uche Nancy

Uche Nancy, a popular producer and actress, shared a heartwarming video on her official social media handle featuring her first daughter, Sonia Uche, who is also a renowned Nollywood actress.

In the video, Uche Nancy can be seen requesting her daughter to star in her upcoming movie. However, Sonia informs her that she is fully booked for the year and asks her to inform her in advance to schedule her time.

The ecstatic mother expresses her joy when Sonia agrees to be part of her movie. Although her third daughter, Chinenye Nnebe, an award-winning actress, was not present during Nancy’s interaction with Sonia, Nancy mentions that she also requested Chinenye to act in her movie, but Chinenye had prior commitments for the year.

Uche Nancy explains that she is imploring her children, Sonia and Chinenye, to allocate time for her movie, emphasizing the imbalance in life.

She reflects on how she nurtured them to become stars and now finds herself requesting their involvement in her project. Uche Nancy adds that if she had started acting at a young age, she might have become a star by now.

The video has garnered reactions from fans and celebrities online, with many expressing their admiration for the family’s bond.

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