It is said that the extreme sports version of the Apple Watch will have a 2-inch large screen

It has been said before that Apple will launch the new Watch Series 8 at the same time as there will be a rugged version for extreme sports. Today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman brings more news . According to the whistleblower, the extreme sports version of the Apple Watch will have a large screen of nearly 2 inches with a resolution of 410 x 502.

The screen area will be 7% larger than today’s largest 45mm Series 7 , and Apple will also make good use of it. This new space is used to display other fitness data and other content. Gurman’s remarks are in line with previous display industry analyst Ross Young who said the Series 8 would include a 1.99-inch model.

In addition, Gurman also said that this rugged version of the watch will use a more scratch-resistant screen material, a larger battery and a stronger case, anyway, it is more durable than the most common aluminum case version today. . In terms of function, it is reported that all Series 8 will be equipped with a new body temperature detection function , and at the same time, it will have better tracking for climbing and swimming, but the performance of the processor chip will not be improved.

If the news is true, I believe that Apple will take out this new watch at the usual September conference, and it is estimated that there will be a large number of new products such as iPhone and HomePod on the same stage. Are the fruit fans ready to buy, buy, buy?

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