Justin Almost Got Our Daughter Expelled From School And Opposes Our Kids Visiting Nigeria – Korra Obidi Fumes [WATCH VIDEO]

  • Korra Obidi unleashed a scathing tirade against her former hubby on social media, venting her fury regarding their daughter’s education and his persistent attempts to prevent their kids from journeying to her homeland, Nigeria.
  • Since their parting that culminated in divorce, the estranged couple has grappled with the formidable challenge of co-parenting their two adorable daughter’s, frequently using online platforms to voice their grievances.

This is the catalyst for Korra’s fiery outburst, where she laid bare the allegations of his negligence as a father, thus turning their once beloved relationship into a disastrous co-parenting situation brimming with bitterness.

For reasons best known to Justin Dean, the Chiropractor, according to Korra, is against their kids from visiting Nigeria.

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian Singer and Dancer residing in the United States has once more resorted to her social media platform to publicly lambaste her former adored spouse, Justin Dean.

Presently, her wrath burns with searing intensity as she condemns his nonchalant approach to their daughter’s educational necessities and his relentless endeavors to prevent their children from traveling to her homeland, Nigeria.

In her latest live video, the mother of two leveled allegations against Justin, claiming he had consistently failed to uphold their agreement to cover half of their daughter, June’s, school fees for a consecutive three-month period.

She disclosed that his refusal had placed her on the verge of expulsion from school and asserted her determination to bring the matter before the legal authorities who oversaw their divorce proceedings.

Korra expressed her willingness to contribute to covering his share and assist him in maintaining his self-proclaimed image as a responsible father on the internet. However, her stance shifted when she requested his presence for their daughter’s passport appointment at the Embassy, and he declined, citing concerns about their children visiting Nigeria due to perceived safety issues.

The dancer expressed her deep disappointment in how he portrayed her native land, Nigeria, in a negative light and his perceptions of her people and fellow countrymen.

She was resolute in ensuring that her grievances were formally recorded at the office where she intended to file her complaint against him.

Korra recounted a time when she was compelled to pay her ex-husband $50,000 after her account was frozen by the judicial authorities due to her failure to uphold her end of the co-parenting agreement.

In her view, she anticipates the same judicial system to hold Justin accountable for his failure to fulfill his obligations regarding their children’s school fees.


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