Korra Obidi Cries Out, Shares Encounter with Police Officers on Lagos Road [WATCH VIDEO]

Korra Obidi, the Nigerian dancer and singer who primarily resides in the United States, has returned to her homeland, Nigeria, and, just a few hours ago, vehemently aired her dissatisfaction regarding the treatment she received from police officers while on a Lagos road.

On Instagram, the mother of two posted a video that captured her narrating her recent brief night out with Talent Manager Frank Nwafor.

The video began by depicting the moment when her friend, Frank, requested permission from a police officer to lock the car doors so they could concentrate on inspecting the vehicle documents. However, the police officer responded emphatically, employing explicit language, commanding him to forget the car, focus on him.

She also recounted her initial encounter with a police officer who was captured on camera kneeling on the driver’s seat, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle’s interior.

Korra, in the voice over, detailed how the police officers instructed her to exit the car for a thorough vehicle search. She also captured the moment when an officer sternly told her to stop recording and filming him.

Her experience was bitter-sweet feeling as she was captured in video exuding excitement while relishing a delectable snack of cooked corn and butter pear.

In her voiceover narration, she eloquently described the sweetness and deliciousness of the treat, all while sharing the tale of her enjoyable night out with friends.

In her caption, Korra Obidi voiced her dismay at how the police officers roughly handled both her and her friend while searching her bags and personal belongings during light meal consumption Tuesday night outing.

Korra strongly urged the police officers to allow the youth their freedom. She emphasized that if they redirected this level of dedication toward apprehending corrupt politicians, fuel prices would not be as steep as they are now.

“Attempting Taco Tuesday in Lagos. Several police stops with random men manhandling me and searching my bag and personal belongings @frankhasaplan.

Lagos Police, let the youth breath for God’s sake. If you dedicate this much energy to catching politicians who are looting, fuel will not be #560 Naira today. SMH”


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