Korra Obidi Speaks On Growing Up As Deeper Life Member And Why She Admitted To Cheating On Ex-Husband [WATCH VIDEO]

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian-American dancer, has reminisced on her upbringing at Deeper Life Church.

In an interview with News Central, the dancer and entertainer disclosed that she was raised in a strict religious home as a Deeper Life Church member.

According to her, she never had holes in her ears till she was 14 and now she has holes in places, one can’t think of.

In her words,

“My family is a very Conservative one, I grew up in Deeper Life Bible Church. I had no holes in my ears till I was 14 years old. Now, I have holes in places you don’t want to know. That’s what happens when you stop someone from doing what they want. I didn’t make any mistakes.

I was supposed to be a lawyer”.

She said in another section of the conversation why she wrote a book in which she confessed to cheating on her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

In order to avoid living in secret, Obidi added, she made herself available to the public. She doesn’t regret her decision because it led to many revelations.

She said,

“If I had not said what I said, if I had not come through with my truth, it wouldn’t have brought out all the truths that came to light.

“As you saw on the blogs, I admitted to that [cheating]; he [my ex-husband] admitted to a lot of things. So it was like we were both doing these things.

And we would have been living in a lie to please the public. And how long can you do that? So I would never regret saying I was having commitment issues before I came to America. I never said this [my ex-husband] is the only man I’m going to be sleeping with for the rest of my life.

“So I dabbled. I admitted to it openly. And a lot of people insulted me for it but at the end of the day, I would never live with a secret to death.”


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