LEGO celebrates 50 years of the Atari brand with the Atari 2600 set

The well-known game brand Atari (Atari) was established in 1972, and it is exactly 50 years ago. The game console Atari 2600 (originally named Video Computer System, VCS) developed in its early years was listed in 1977, and this year is also the 45th anniversary. . To commemorate this classic model, LEGO has launched the Atari 2600 set, which will be available on August 1st for US$240.

Although the Atari 2600 was released in 1977, the LEGO set is based on a 1980 version with four switches. The whole set includes a game console, a movable control joystick, a game cassette holder, and three game cassettes, plus each of the three games has a small “scene” to display the corresponding game content. 2,532 pieces. 

In addition to the realistic appearance, there is also a small Easter egg hidden in the game console – when you slide the top cover off, a scene of a child playing an Atari 2600 will appear, and it includes many 80’s home decoration arrangements.

Lego Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 is the second game console to be “Lego-like” after the NES box set the year before. But although the number of parts is comparable, the NES side includes a small TV, and the Super Mario scene on it will still move. 

Relatively speaking, although the Atari 2600 group says that the host is larger and more detailed, it lacks the sense of completeness of the corresponding TV. Moreover, Hong Kong and Taiwan should be more deeply influenced by Japanese game consoles. There should be not many people who have personally played the Atari 2600, right?

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