LEGO unveils giant Cuban set of 2,807 pieces

The cooperation between LEGO and Nintendo, in addition to the “pass-through” task set , has brought a box of large-scale sets targeting adults every year, including the NES in 2020 and the question mark in 2021. Brick set . 

This year, Lego chose to use the big devil “Kuba” in the Mario world as the protagonist, and created a large-scale set using 2,807 pieces of parts. In addition to the display, there are also internal organs that allow Kuba to be around. Turn your head, open and close your jaw, or even shoot a fireball from your mouth.

Lego Bowser

In addition to the function of the box set itself, Kuba can also interact with the three adventure hosts Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. When the three characters step on Kuba, they can earn points.

 However, the Cuban is not only the current model with the most parts in the series, but also the most expensive, with an asking price of US$270. Luckily it’s not scheduled to hit the market until October 1st, so there are still three months to save.

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