Lightyears is coming to Disney+ on August 3rd

“Toy Story” spinoff “Lightyear” (Lightyear / Buzz Lightyear), Buzz Lightyear’s character origin story is Pixar’s long-lost new work, but the box office performance is said to be mediocre. 

Disney soon decided to move the production back to its own streaming platform, Disney+, on August 3, 47 days after its release in theaters.

Buzz Lightyear was originally one of the core characters in the “Toy Story” series, and he (it?) also had a backstory of his own, as a space trooper in the Galactic Alliance (Star Command), and evil aliens King Zack confronts. And it’s the movie that Toy Story’s human protagonist Andy entered in the first episode of the series in 1995, and is arguably an important element of the Toy Story universe.

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