Logitech Introduces Pop Series Wireless Keyboard and Mouse New Colors “Twilight Purple” and “Mist Grey”

Logitech launched the Pop Keys wireless keyboard and Pop Mouse Bluetooth wireless mouse with a retro design but trendy colors last summer . Among them, the editor especially likes the Pop Keys wireless keyboard , although I said that Emoji was not really used that much later, but it As a mechanical keyboard for office use, it is still very good.

Logitech Pop Keys Pop Mouse

However, the only thing that makes people more “distressed” is that it is a bit too trendy in color matching. For users who pursue a more stable and simple, the original three color matching are a bit too bold. To this end, Logitech launched two new colorways of the same keyboard this summer, a gray/white “Mist Grey” (top left) and a purple/white “Twilight Purple” (top right). Alternative options.

Logitech Pop Keys Pop Mouse

Both colorways have matching Pop Keys keyboards and Pop Mouse mice, and will be sold exclusively on Shopee on July 14th and 15th, and will launch a “super discount combination” of both, priced at NT. $2,690. Since the keyboard is also sold for NT$2,690, this is equivalent to buying a keyboard and getting a mouse. The official listing is scheduled for July 18, buy Pop Keys keyboard and get a large desk mat of the same color; and buy a mouse and get a Logi Bolt receiver. 

Although the Pop Mouse is a Bluetooth mouse, it can actually be connected to the Logi Bolt as a 2.4GHz mouse. If you have a receiver, you can decide which wireless technology to use depending on the usage environment and needs.

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