Many Google Pixel users in the US are considering replacing with another brand

The latest survey reveals that many US smartphone users who are currently using Google Pixel are considering replacing their smartphones with other brands.

This means that many users are dissatisfied with their Google Pixel smartphone.

Pixel’s loyalty score falls below LG

How Happy And Loyal Are US Smartphone Users?

From April 21st to May 22nd, research firm Statista will conduct a satisfaction and loyalty survey of 7,212 smartphone users (16-64 years old) in the United States regarding their main smartphone brands. did.
As a result, Google Pixel ‘s loyalty score was minus 36%, which is lower than LG’s already withdrawing from the smartphone business .
The loyalty score here is the ratio of those who answered “I will buy a smartphone of the same brand next time” minus the ratio of those who answered “Switch to another brand”. In other words, a negative number means that there are overwhelmingly more people who will not buy a Google Pixel smartphone than those who will buy it next time.
By the way, in the case of Apple, 48% of the respondents answered “I will buy the iPhone again”, 35% answered “Switch to another brand”, and the loyalty score is 48% -35% = 13%. increase. This is the highest number among the five brands.

Is the Pixel 6 series with a lot of problems also one of the reasons for its unpopularity?

The current flagship model, the Google Pixel 6/6 Pro, has had many glitches since its launch .
If you think that the problem has been solved by a software update, it can be said that there is no help for the user’s satisfaction to decrease, such as another problem occurring in the update .

Apple ranked first in terms of satisfaction

In the satisfaction survey, 92% of Apple ranked first, including “very satisfied” and “satisfied.” Second place Samsung is also 91%, a difference of only 1% from Apple.
Google was third with 85%, Motorola with 81% and fourth, and LG with 79% at the bottom.

Source: Statista via TradingPlatforms

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