Newly married lady discovers husband has no leg after their wedding [WATCH VIDEO]

A man identified as Jado reportedly kept his disability from his fiancee, Bora, until after their wedding because he was afraid she might reject him.

Watch the video below;

According to the video published by Afrimax, the couple said they dated for two years before they eventually tied the knot after they met at a singing competition.

Jado, who lost his legs to a bomb explosion when he was a child, said he concealed the fact that he has no legs from Bora for fear of being rejected by her.

He said that the decision was motivated by his previous experiences with girls who dumped him owing to his disability which made many people bully him in his village.

Bora was shocked when she learned her husband had no legs because Joda always walked on artificial legs and she thought his inability to walk properly was due to a fracture.

She discovered the truth after their wedding, but it did not stop her from falling in love with him and describing him as the best spouse in the world.

Although Bora’s family was said to have opposed the marriage due to the man’s disability, she said she was not angry with her husband after he explained the reason behind his action.

The couple shared how people tried to convince them to leave each other. Bora was advised to end her marriage, while Joda was told his wife would abandon him within a week of their marriage.

At the time they granted the interview, Joda and Bora have been married for eight months and declared that it is the nicest thing they have ever experienced.

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