Minecraft developers won’t get into NFTs

Many metaverse platforms make people feel like they are playing Minecraft, because they are also in the direction of building their own world, but the assets inside are NFTs, but Mojang, the developer of genuine Minecraft, does not want to get involved in NFTs. 

According to their blog post , in order to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for Minecraft players, Minecraft clients and servers will not integrate blockchain technology, nor will they launch in-game content as NFTs .

There will be such a clarification because Minecraft has a trading platform that allows players to trade virtual treasures obtained in the game. Recently, Minecraft shape packs and world files that are bought and sold by NFT have begun to appear, and even allow players to trade in the game or elsewhere. After completing the task, you will get a Minecraft-themed NFT launched by a third-party company.

Mojang stated that the purpose of NFTs and blockchains is to create digital asset ownership with scarcity and exclusivity, a concept that does not align with Minecraft’s values of inclusion and co-play. Specifically, some Minecraft server owners can charge players to enter. “However, the characteristics of NFTs violate the purpose and regulations of the game.” Then Mojang considers that NFTs will be sold with “deliberate price hikes and deception”.

It’s going to affect millions of young Minecraft players, so they’re determined not to introduce the technology.

That is to say, Mojang is not the only game company that resists NFTs. Steam banned cryptocurrency and NFT-related transactions last year; Sony’s latest reward mechanism has digital collectibles, but it also emphasizes that it will not be related to NFTs. 

It’s just that Mojang left suspense at the end of the article, saying that he will continue to pay attention to NFT technology and evaluate whether it will provide a more secure user experience, as well as other practical and inclusive applications.

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