NASA reconnects with CAPSTONE satellite

It was reported earlier that the CAPSTONE satellite, which had lost contact with NASA , was finally reconnected after a day of hard work by engineers , and it was confirmed that the satellite itself was in good health and could continue to perform its scheduled mission.

At present, the reason for the loss of CAPSTONE is still a mystery, but the ground test shows that the problem should be caused by the process of starting the communication system, and the “disconnection” should be avoided in the future. The CAPSTONE team continues to evaluate the information received prior to the outage in an attempt to identify the root cause of the outage.

Once communications are restored, CAPSTONE will be ready to re-orbit, into a fuel-efficient, but extremely time-consuming, orbit to the moon. Compared with the Apollo missions, which took astronauts to reach the moon in about three days, CAPSTONE took more than four months, and if all goes well, it will not enter lunar orbit until November 13.

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