Netflix starts using Sennheiser’s latest Ambeo spatial audio technology

Sennheiser has successfully developed a new technology called Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio , which claims to be able to achieve spatial audio without using a surround sound system and relying only on a stereo solution. As one of the partners working with Sennheiser to adapt the Ambeo solution, Netflix is the first to implement the technology on its own platform. 

The first work to support Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio is the recently popular fourth season of ” Stranger Things” , in addition to “Red Notice”, “The Witcher” and the upcoming “Resident Evil” live-action series, etc. will follow up.

According to the official statement, as long as your device’s audio output is set to stereo audio, Ambeo will be automatically enabled without any additional settings. Netflix also uses Ambeo as the default setting for two-channel sound in certain productions. Sennheiser says Ambeo renders a complete immersive audio mix into two channels, using existing industry-standard file types and requiring no separate mixing operations.

“What sets Sennheiser apart from other solutions is that Ambeo focuses more on the original mix, tonal balance and dialogue integrity, which is what re-recording mixers are looking for. The purpose of not interfering with the original sound. In one sentence, Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio will try to convey the intention of the mixer, not suppress it,” said Dr. Renato Pellegrini of the Ambeo team.

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