No One Believes This Man Is Still Alive, He Survived The Impossible [WATCH VIDEO]

Hussein Shaban was a healthy husband who had been working hard to build his young family. He was a motorcyclist, and this hard job brought him to the gate of d**ath.

It was one night when this 27 year old man was riding in a rainy night, transporting two passengers to the nearby town. Then a very bad a**ident happened. Another motorbike came racing from the other side of the road and severely h**t Shaban and his passengers.

Shaban was the most affected by this a**cident, as he was hit so hard that he fell a few metres from his bike. People rushed to his wife who was called upon to help and she reached the scene to witness his u**conscious husband.

Watch the video below:

She rushed him to the hospital but his condition was beyond imagination and he was transferred to a bigger hospital. He was immediately admitted to the emergency room and he was treated so heavily with a big number of doctors.

“Early the next morning, doctors came and told me they have removed part of his s**ull because of the d**mage that had happened to his brain,” she told The Afrimax Team that visited their family.

“He was in a c**ma and doctors said that when he wakes up, he might not remember everything that had happened to him before. They told me that there is a good chance of surviving. But they warned me that he was using expensive oxygen and he would continue to use it for some time,” she added.

His conditions were so terrible that the hospital management didn’t allow anyone to see him, even his own wife. But her insistence finally convinced doctors to let her see him, and she was shocked to find him completely unconscious, while his food was being provided throughout the tube.

He was later discharged after a lot of treatment, but his head’s form was no longer the same and he would never do any other thing by himself, from talking to eating and any other basic things.

He now relies on his wife who has to sell fish on the road, and a Samaritan neighbour who comes along to help her handle him. He urinates and s**ffocates on himself and his wife is the only one who has to take care of him, with all those responsibilities.

She is now begging anyone who can help her to do so. She is supposed to pay for her very expensive and dependable treatments and medicine, together with other necessities like diapers and everything else he needs.

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