“Our Kids Should Attend Public Schools in US – Justin Dean Replies Ex-wife Korra Obidi After She Publicly Called Him Out [WATCH VIDEO]

In response to Korra Obidi’s public call-out, her ex-husband Justin Dean finally addressed the issue of not paying their children’s school fees. Korra had previously expressed frustration online about handling the growing bills on her own.

Justin explained in a video reply that public schools are free, with tuition covered by government funding through taxpayer money.

He elaborated that the quality of public schools varies depending on the locality, as property taxes, paid by homeowners, contribute to school funding. Higher property taxes in wealthier neighborhoods lead to better-funded public schools with improved standards of education.

Reacting during a fan Q&A session, Justin Dean said he is okay with his kids attending a public school.

According to him, he also attended a top-rated public elementary school in the hood and made it in life.Watch Justin Dean Video Below👇

See Justin Dean Response Below👇

“I live in the #1 rated elementary public school in the area. Private isn’t necessary. I’m not trying to impress anyone”

“For those of you that are ignorant to the American system. Public schools are paid for by taxes and free to parents. Public schools are free!!”

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