Outfit Ideas For Hot Days Inspired By Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko

For hot days, there are certain outfits you should not consider rocking. These outfits are capable of causing you discomfort and increased perspiration.

In this article, we would see some simple outfits you can consider rocking on hot days as inspired by Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko.

(1)Mini sleeveless top and a pair of light trousers: you can consider this combination if you are stepping out. The mini sleeveless top will allow your skin to breathe, same way, the free trousers will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable because it is not tight.

(2) Mini short sleeved dress: instead of rocking a long dress or one with long sleeves, you can provide more comfort for yourself by rocking a mini dress with short sleeves.

(3) Pair of leggings with short sleeved top: leggings are usually light in texture. This is a better alternative to jeans or thick trousers.

(4) Sleeveless two-piece set: you can rock a two-piece set that has a sleeveless top like the one below. The free ends of the trousers will give you a bit of comfort.

(5) Pair of shorts and bra top: this right here is the best option. You can consider it under extremely hot weather condition. Some combinations come with light kimonos that you can rock alongside.


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