“Rage of the Sea” real device gameplay will be released on July 8

After years of delays, Ubisoft seems to be finally ready to launch Skull and Bones. It was officially announced a few days ago that the latest presentation of the game will be broadcast live on our side at 2:00 am on July 8th through YouTube and Twitch, during which the long-awaited demonstration clips of the real machine will be released. 

As for whether the exact release date will be updated, it is still unknown. At this stage, the expected time confirmed by Ubisoft is still “between fiscal years 2022 and 2023”.

In 2020, Elisabeth Pellen, the creative director of “Rage of the Sea”, said that the game delay was based on a change in vision. The original idea of Ubisoft was very simple, that is, to remove the stealth and plot in 2013 “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag”, and only move the nautical elements to “Rage of the Sea”, but then the situation changed. 

“The truth is that we need more time, we want to achieve something better in ‘Rage Sea’, and that ambition naturally brings greater challenges.” Pellen said at the time, “In ‘Rage’ Our team also needs some fresh blood to join in the process of “Sea Battle” evolving into what it is today.”

Anyway, the long wait may finally come to an end, and hopefully Ubisoft can bring a surprise to players in two days.

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