Rapper Offset goes all out for wife Cardi B’s 31st birthday

If there’s one thing Offset would always do, it’s to show off and show out when it comes to his wife.

On the morning of Cardi B’s 31st birthday on October 11, 2023, she woke up to a wonderful floral arrangement in her home, arranged by her husband. She took to her Instagram page to share the wonderous display on the ground walking down the steps of her home. Each step was adorned by authentic pink rose petals, cascading into the main floor in a breathtaking pool of petals.

The living room was not only accentuated with cute petals but candles illuminating the adorable display and balloons spelling out “Happy Birthday.” In her post’s caption, she thanked her man for the surprise, highlighting everything she adored about her partner. She also comically made it clear that she’d fight for her partner by biting anyone who threatened him.

Her caption read, “Thank you soo much babe. You always go beyond for me. I love your skin, I love your face, I love your body, your ankles, I love your soul, I love your heart, I love your fart, I love your faith, I love your talent, I will BITE anybody for you lmaaooooo.”

Offset did not stop there as he took his woman out on a dinner date where he bombarded her with an array of gifts neatly packaged and wrapped in orange boxes. He posted the videos to his Instagram story, showing an excited Cardi B receiving her birthday gifts, revealing three expensive and luxurious handbags.

The happy rappers always go out for one another on their birthdays and anniversaries despite the ups and downs over the years. They have stayed strong, recently marking their sixth wedding anniversary with their two beautiful children.

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