Reactions trail moment Korra Obidi’s foster mum lowered dancer’s dress, covered her €xpos*d body in new video [WATCH VIDEO]

Korra Obidi, the Nigerian dancer based in the US, is widely recognized for dressing sc**ntily and showcasing body-exp**sing dance routines. In a recent video with her foster mom, she exhibited these traits, prompting her foster mom to swiftly intervene, ensuring her body was covered—a moment that generated a buzz among fans.

  • Korra Obidi recently dished out the deets on her birthday fiesta with her foster mom, unleashing a whirlwind of fun moment across her timeline.
  • In a video that turned up the heat, the dancer flaunted her moves, baring it all, until her mum swooped in like a guardian angel, tactfully putting the brakes on the body exposure.

US-based Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, ignited a social media frenzy with her recent interaction with her foster mom in a sizzling new video.

The dancer, who lost her birth mom since childhood, recently took to social media to share a video of her hanging out with her foster mum, celebrating her birthday in style.

In a viral video, Korra showcased her signature dance moves, kicking it up a notch by raising one of her legs and flaunting her thigh.WATCH VIDEO BELOW👇

Fans who witnessed this gesture from the dancer’s mom couldn’t resist commenting on the protective and corrective nature of mothers.

Meanwhile, others sent warm birthday wishes to the venerable lady, hoping she had a delightful celebration.SEE REACTIONS BELOW👇

The dancer recently resumed her fight with Justin Dean, her ex-husband, for allegedly failing to pay child support.

Obidi accused Dean of not contributing financially to the care of their two children.

The Singer said she is struggling to shoulder the financial burden alone.

She also addressed criticism from people who have suggested that she should send her children to public school.

The entertainer said the “free” schools do not meet her standards.

Reacting during a fan Q&A session, Justin Dean said he is okay with his kids attending a public school.

According to him, he also attended a top-rated public elementary school in the hood and made it in life.

His words;

“I live in the #1 rated elementary public school in the area. Private isn’t necessary. I’m not trying to impress anyone”

“For those of you that are ignorant to the American system. Public schools are paid for by taxes and free to parents. Public schools are free!!”

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