Samsung says it has shipped close to 10 million foldable phones in 2021

After the official confirmation that a new Unpacked event will be held on August 10, Dr. Lu Taiwen, president of Samsung Electronics and head of the mobile communication business department, issued a document revealing that nearly 10 million folding screen mobile phones will be shipped to the world in 2021.

There is a 300% increase in 2020, and this “incremental demand is expected to continue”. Among consumers who buy their folding screen phones, it is said that 70% choose the Galaxy Z Flip , which shows that their low-price strategy is recognized by the market.

Samsung’s figure of 10 million is a far cry from the 7.1 million reported by third-party market research firm IDC in February last year, but analysts also attribute Samsung’s contribution to driving the folding screen phone trend. 

Lu Taiwen also confirmed in the article that a new folding screen phone will be launched at the Unpacked event in August. Friends who are interested in changing to a new phone can pay more attention to our report.

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