“Stranger Things 4” has 1.1 billion hours watched in its first month, second only to “Squid Game”

“Stranger Things 4” (Stranger Things 4) has been on Netflix for the whole season, and the characters are scattered all over the place, but together against the big villain “Vecona”, the audience is nervous. The streaming platform also officially handed over the transcript of this set of ace works, and the results lived up to expectations. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the first seven episodes of the first part of “Stranger Things 4” hit shelves for 28 days and accumulated a combined 930 million hours of viewing. Part 2 , episodes 8 and 9, has been watched over 221 million hours in the week since it was released on July 1 . The two parts have a total of 1.15 billion viewing hours, which is second only to “Squid Game” with a cumulative 1.65 billion viewing hours in the first 28 days. But because the second part of “Stranger Things 4” just hit the shelves, it is also more powerful to catch up.

It is worth noting that Netflix once said that the great success of “Squid Game” was partly due to the period when their subscriptions were growing the fastest . In contrast, it is now a low period when the number of users has plummeted by 200,000 , so “Stranger Things 4” Whether there is such a large audience to refresh the viewing hours is also a point of concern for them.

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