The world’s first NFT game console Polium One supports blockchain platform and can trade game items through NFT

Web 3 game company Polium announced that it will release the world’s first NFT game console “Polium One” in the third quarter of 2024. It is equipped with an NVIDIA processor and supports 120fps 8K HDR resolution image quality. Its functional prototype is expected to be launched before November.

Polium said that the NFT game console “Polium One” is the world’s first game console designed for Web3 games and targeting multiple blockchain platforms. It can run different high-performance games, and even new players of Web3 games can easily experience it. . The first batch of Polium Ones will be released in the third quarter of 2024 and will be pre-ordered for players who have purchased the “Polium Pass”.

Officials say that Polium One is equipped with NVIDIA’s CPU and GPU, and is developed with a Linux system, which is enough to handle various high-performance games. Polium One supports 120fps 8K HDR resolution, is equipped with ray tracing technology and a fingerprint authentication system on the console’s hand, and includes ranking and friend functions in the game.

In addition, Polium One also supports blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Solana, with the functions of trading, exchanging, staking and receiving cryptocurrencies in its e-wallet, allowing users to quickly connect to the NFT wallet and trade games with NFT on Polium One props. Therefore, players can quickly link to the e-wallet and even directly conduct NFT transactions through the buttons on the hand.

In addition to some players questioning the feasibility of the Polium One’s 8K resolution, they also accused the logo on the console’s handle is very similar to Nintendo’s GameCube, only the GameCube logo is reversed. Polium responded that although the two seem to be similar, the logo of Polium One is P and the logo of GameCube is G, saying that the block design of Polium One is to cooperate with the concept of blockchain, which is different from the design concept of GameCube. Logo resemblance is by no means uncommon.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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