“Thor 4: Love and Thunder” word of mouth lifted: M station only 61 points Rotten Tomatoes freshness 70%

The film review website of Marvel’s new film “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” opened the score today. As of the time of publication, the M station media scored an average of 61 points. Among the 40 media, 23 were positive, 14 were moderate, and 3 were negative. The film has a freshness rating of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, with 96 fresh and 39 rotten out of 138 reviews.

The Irish Times: A lot of times, Thor 4 audiences will have as much fun as the actors seem to have enjoyed (if that’s even possible). …a weird and weird movie, good weird most of the time, sometimes not.

“Arizona Republic”: Without taking yourself too seriously, the whole film runs through space opera-style performances and jokes. The more dramatic scenes differ in tone and tone, and the effect is remarkable.

CNN: Director Taika Waititi succeeded in creating an impressive mix of tone and style in Thor 3, but failed in Thor 4, which wasn’t quite what it wanted Funny, and not as exciting as it needs to be, nor as romantic as it should be.

Time: It advertises “I’m fun”, but it doesn’t actually work.

“The Complete Movie”: Weirdly righteous, super entertaining, and so funny that it makes one’s face hurt, “Thor 4” makes “Thor 3” like a Robert Bresson work, but also a good one Thor movie.

Perri Nemiroff: High in energy, highlighting Taika Waititi’s outstanding mastery of humor and emotion.

“Slant”: Throughout the film, a war against the gods feels like a remedy for a bad romantic comedy.

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