Twitter is testing a new “CoTweet” feature, which lets you co-author tweets

Twitter has begun preliminary testing of a co-tweeting feature called “CoTweet” on select accounts in the U.S., Canada and South Korea . Through CoTweet, two accounts can be “linked” together and become the co-author of a tweet, which will also be on both authors’ channels at the same time. 

By design, CoTweet seems to be more of a brand (who can post on both the sub-brand and parent brand’s Twitter accounts) or co-creators rather than the average Twitter user.

A Twitter spokesperson said CoTweets was a “temporary experiment” for now, and it was unclear when, or even if, it would be rolled out to the general public.

 The purpose of the current experiment is to let Twitter understand how brands and individuals can use such a feature to expand their audience and reach, and how it can help different Twitter accounts collaborate better, the spokesperson said. So presumably before the official launch, there will be some adjustments.

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