Twitter’s hiring team lays off about 100 people

Twitter has made some layoffs amid growing uncertainty over Elon Musk ‘s takeover. According to the Wall Street Journal , Twitter’s talent recruitment team has determined that it will lay off 30% of its staff, while Twitter’s official figure is “less than 100 people”, and they also emphasize that only the recruitment department will be affected.

 Musk, who has previously expressed concerns about Twitter’s spending, did not explicitly say whether he asked Twitter to lay off workers, but said in a response to CNBC that “it all depends.” Twitter had stopped hiring before, but looking back, it clearly wasn’t enough to impress Musk.

In a post on LinkedIn, Twitter senior technical recruiter Ingrid Johnson wrote: “There are people who have lost their jobs, who have been here for over a dozen years. If Twitter chooses to use those who have given their lives to build the company It’s going to be an even more tragic story, at the expense of our employees, to fight Musk’s potential multi-billion-dollar lawsuit and maintain an inflated stock price.”

That said, Musk may only be one of the reasons driving Twitter’s layoffs. After all, the current recessionary environment has prompted many well-known companies such as Netflix , Meta , and Unity to make shrinking decisions.

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