UK uses drones to deliver chemotherapy drugs to cancer patients

Following the Royal Mail of the United Kingdom , the local public health service NHS also announced the trial of drones to deliver medicines. The NHS and its partner Apian, a drone startup founded by a former NHS doctor and a former Google employee, are testing the delivery of medicines by drone to residents of the Isle of Wight County, the Isle of Wight, which is expected to greatly reduce delivery time, costs, and also This allows cancer patients to stay on the island for treatment.

The Isle of Wight County is an island only 3 kilometers away from England, and the boat journey to it usually takes as long as 4 hours, so that cancer chemotherapy drugs with short shelf life cannot be directly transported to the island for use, and patients can only travel long distances each time.


Go to the hospital on the island. However, the drone flight from Queen Alexandra Hospital on the island to the local St. Mary’s Hospital only takes half an hour, so in addition to chemotherapy drugs, very urgent drug delivery is also possible.

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