Video of Beautiful Baby With Big Brown Eyes Melts Souls, Racks Up Over 280k Views on Social Media[WATCH VIDEO]

There is nothing like a cute baby video to get the broody kicking, lol. A baby with the most gorgeous big brown eyes has thousands reaching for their birth control, or someone’s about to be pregnant.

No matter how big, hard or tough you might be, there is just something about a yawning baby that will melt your soul. This baby worked its magic on people far and wide.

Twitter user @Lilblackbabies fell victim to the adorable yawning baby with the big brown eyes and needed to get everyone else on board by sharing the clip. This little blessing is just too precious!

“Look at this little sweetie”

Social media users gush over the precious little angel

This clip got ovaries jumping and men going back on their no-baby policy. People flooded the comment section in absolute awe of this cutie.

Take a look at some of the broody comments:

@kwekuzimba said: “Awwww the cuteness just flew right from the screen. Ugh now I want one”

@SMF__II said: “God I know you hear me fam. I’m just asking to be blessed with fatherhood in the near future.”

@JadaJ_Boyd12 said: “Them eyes are so big I’ve fell in love.”

@balancingmyshit said: “The love it just felt with those eyes ☺️”

@zoeycarmicheal said:

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