We Are Not M*nkeys, We Are Children From Heaven [WATCH VIDEO]

Claudine is a mother who has not only managed to raise m**ntally challenged children but also did manage to raise them in a bullying society, where they were often neglected and chased away among others.

When we visited her family two years ago, their story went viral and Ubumwe Community Center admitted these children inside their program for two years, so that they can learn good manners and how to live together with other people.

This was a welcoming help since Claudine’s children were bullied a lot of the time when they were in the village. His husband left her alone because of these children, and life became extremely complicated.

Watch the video below:

She was not able to raise them because of her poverty, and she also had issues with her shattered house which had holes all over the roof. When it rained, they all had to go out and enter the house when the rain ceased. Their duty would be to pull out all the water inside before sleeping, and it was like that all the time.

When we aired their story, various partners decided to help them, among them Ubumwe Community House which accommodated the students to study for free for two years.

This time around, we visited the family again and we were going to pick up the children from the school and reunite them with their mother. We had another gift as well, as we had to give her a fully equipped house built by The Afrimax Community.

She was grateful to see this house. “I am so grateful for my children, I am glad to see that how my children were in the past has changed. They are completely changed, they have grown and they are in much better shape than when we first brought them here,”

The house is fully equipped, “I am so thankful that they have built me a good house which is well equipped with modern furniture, and a TV set. I am so grateful, it was beyond my wishes,” she said.

She narrated how her children used to be bullied, and how that has changed again.

“People used to bully my children, they called them a**imals and other s**aming names, I couldn’t do anything about it and it was very d**pressing to me. I had to only calm down and manage my frustration. To prevent all that from happening, I used to lock them inside the house, but I don’t think I will do the same again,” she said.

Bosco, who is a village leader, admitted that life of this family was extremely difficult before they got a house and other help.

“This family was living a very difficult life, they never had hope of the future. It’s a proud moment for our village because their parents are now happy and glad of this miracle,” he said.

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