What Does “Jesus Loves You” Mean?

Defining The Term “Jesus Loves You” [And What It Means To People]

Most people that use the expression “Jesus Loves You” are Christians that sincerely want to inspire others and are willing to help their fellow man, when given the opportunity. The term is used literally by Catholics, Orthodox and all Protestant denominations when speaking to strangers, acquaintances, friends, loved ones and family as a way to offer support. Watch the video below till the end if you love Jesus👇

The term is frequently printed on T-ShirtsHatsCoffee Mugs and other merchandise. Even though the term “Jesus Loves You” is occasionally used out of context, sarcastically and in the wrong situations, this phrase has powerful positive connotations when used appropriately.

Humans need to be loved. Jesus said “I Love You” with his life. When Jesus Says ‘I Love You’, he is infinitely trustworthy — even with our love. Do you sometimes wonder why Jesus loves you? When you say “Jesus Loves You”, you just might remind people you encounter that the teachings of Jesus Christ, the son of God, are the basis of Christianity.

Some parishioners wonder about the true meaning of the words “Jesus Loves You”. Fundamentalists and evangelicals ask staff members at the Share Jesus Ministries questions such as “Does Jesus Love Me?”. Even though the exact phrase “Jesus loves me” cannot be found in the Bible and is not a bible verse, scriptures are clear that no matter what we have done, Jesus does love us. In slang terms, “Jesus Loves You” means that “God is on your side.”

The message is crucial, and it’s a good one. In 2020, this expression is a common greeting, salutation and valediction used in religious circles and in every day life in the United States. The quote is spoken in situations where phrases like “Have A Nice Day”, “See You Later”, “God Bless You”, “Goodbye” and “God Be With You” are also used.

To many Christians the English term “Jesus Loves You” is almost self-explanatory.

However, other people have a problem understanding the definition or meaning of the phrase “Jesus Loves You”.

“Jesus Loves You” is an important expression used by many well-intentioned and faithful individuals who like to give heart-to-heart advice, help people solve personal issues and cheer people up. Because the term is sometimes used sarcastically, or interpreted differently in social contexts, publishing a single distinct meaning that everyone agrees upon is difficult.  The Urban Dictionary points out that the term “Jesus Loves You” is used by panhandlers (beggars), but the true meaning of the phrase did not originate from this usage.

When Christians say “Jesus Loves You” to strangers or acquaintances, it is often used to start a conversation or remind people about Jesus’ character and love. Christians understand the meaning of “Jesus loves you”. Jesus says “I love you” by changing our hearts.

It is worth noting that “Jesus Loves You” is also a song by Jeff & Sheri Easter, as well as a song by Sanctus Real. Jesus Loves You is also a website and a company. If you want to know how do you say Jesus Loves You in Spanish, it is “Jesús te ama.” The French version is “Jésus t’aime” and the Chinese translation is 耶稣爱你. The German translation is “Jesus liebt dich” and the Italian translation is “Gesù vi ama”.

Even though Jesus DOES love us, some people have heard the words so often, the true meaning of the expression is lost on them, which is no reason to stop saying it.

What “Jesus Loves You” Means To The Founder Of Share Jesus Ministries, Thomas Bonus

Thomas Bonus wrote the following definition of “Jesus Loves You” in September of 2020 to answer frequent questions.

“Jesus Loves You” cannot be expressed in words or in perfection by anyone other than God-Jesus Himself. Jesus Loves You was expressed by Jesus freely laying down His life for each of us, thus paying the price to set us free from our inequities and shortcomings (John 3:16 & 10:11). No one but Jesus can express perfect love because perfect Love is patient and kind and keeps no record of wrongs. Jesus is calling out in each of us in His Perfect Love. He is keeping no record of our shortcomings, and though we may ignore His callings and reject His love hundreds or thousands of times, he keeps no record but simply continues to call out to us, offering His love which covers and abates ALL of our sins. No actions on our part no matter how many or how evil can negate His continuing calls for us to come to Him and by His Perfect Love, find complete forgiveness, healing and peace (1 Corinthians 13:4). Therefore, although Christians may try to love you, we will often fail, it is only Jesus who will show you His Perfect Love.

Let us take that perfect message of “Jesus Loves You” to the streets, to work, to the store, to the gym… to everywhere we go (Deuteronomy 6:7). Jesus promised to draw everyone to His perfect Love if we simply take His message of Love to everyone (John 12:32).

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