Why Fans Are Confused About The Kardashians Season 2 Timeline

With The Kardashians season 2 underway, fans have been more hyper-critical of the show’s editing and found themselves confused about the timeline.

The season opener showed the sisters dealing with the birth of Khloé Kardashian’s new baby alongside Tristan Thompson’s latest cheating scandal.

Fans were confused to find the show so far into the future when the premiere ended, as the last thing shown was filmed back in 2021.

Within the show’s first season, the sisters dealt with storylines revolving around Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson, Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s engagement to now-husband Travis Barker, and Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy; and many were waiting for resolutions to said storylines within the show’s second season.

In The Kardashians season 2 opener, Khloé detailed her issues with Tristan and welcomed her second child via surrogate, all of which happened between November 2021 to July 2022.

Though The Kardashians fans are supportive of Khloé through the episode and aftermath, the high level of focus on her story throughout the episode left some concerns. Previews for the season had already shown several potential storylines, including Kourtney’s wedding, Kim’s controversial Met Gala appearance in 2021, and Kylie welcoming her son with Travis Scott.

These moments were all shown in the season trailer, but those events had long passed after the birth of Khloé’s son. While some fans were open to a shift in the trajectory of the season, others were incredibly unhappy with the idea that The Kardashians may skip over documenting moments it had promised to follow up on.

Fans were initially confused by the timeline of the new seasonassuming The Kardashians season 2 would be boring, as storylines that played out in the media played out again on screen. The show made itself clear at the beginning of the second episode, displaying a title card to clear up the timetable. The card read, “The remainder of Season 2 was filmed 6 months before the previous episode,” before continuing. Fans were instantly brought back to early 2022, to the day Kylie gave birth to her son.

Some fans felt The Kardashians backtracking was an incredibly jarring shift. While many were excited to see what happened with Khloé after last season’s bombshell of Tristan’s cheating scandal, moving from the premiere being set in what was essentially the present day over six months ago is tricky from a story perspective.

The Kardashians fans, who don’t like Kim’s collaboration, must go into episodes understanding that there is a storyline not being addressed by the family on camera, even though they have provided a resolution for it on screen. Other fans were happy to see that the storylines they were excited to watch play out would not be cut from The Kardashians entirely.

It is unclear if everything The Kardashians has promised to show fans will play out on screen this season. Some fans are concerned Kim’s entire relationship with Pete will be cut from the show now that they have split. Regardless, it is helpful that the show has clarified its timeline for the upcoming episodes. The sisters have promised to be even more vulnerable this season, and fans are excited to see things play out as intended. No matter the fans’ stance on how the show is delivering their stories, everyone agrees that The Kardashians season 2 offers an actual look behind the curtain of the family’s life.

The Kardashians stream new episodes Thursdays on Hulu.

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