“Why I cried and blocked Davido” – Korra Obidi speaks about her experience and how she was treated while in the presence of a singer

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer, has shared her unpleasant experience at the after-party of Davido and Chris Brown, where she was mistreated.

At the Grammys, Davido had three nominations for his album Timeless, but unfortunately, he lost all of them. Despite this, he attended the after-party in the US and made the most of the night.

During a recent live chat with her fans, Korra Obidi, who was also present at the Grammys, talked about her encounter with Davido at the after-party, where she received the coldest shoulder ever.

Korra Obidi revealed that she got a pass to the after-party with the help of one of Davido’s assistants. She also had a brief encounter with Davido, during which she spoke politely, and enjoyed a close-up view of Chris Brown at the party.

Although she acknowledged feeling a little nervous throughout the celebration, she clarified that she wasn’t drunk and needed to take a break in the bathroom to calm down.

While she was in the bathroom, a security guard, who had been giving her weird vibes at the party, barged in and ordered her to leave immediately, which left her in complete shock.

Despite her objections, Korra was thrown out of the party by the security personnel, leaving her stranded outside in the cold without her jacket or baggage.

Korra claimed that Chris Brown and Davido were present for the entire ordeal and witnessed her being practically thrown out by the security personnel. She also claimed that she was unable to control her tears.

Korra was tormented by the incident for several nights and went on a blocking campaign, disconnecting all connections related to the incident, including Davido. It was only recently that Davido reached out to her, and she revealed that she had not yet decided to unblock him.

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