Will Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) be released this fall? What are the prices and specs?

Bloomberg reporter Mark Garman shared his expectations for the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) and Apple Watch Series 8 in the newsletter “Power On .”

Equipped with the latest chip S8, but not equipped with a body temperature measurement sensor

German reports that the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) will have the same system-on-chip (SoC) as the Apple Watch Series 8 S8 . It is rumored that the
S8 has the same internal structure as the S6 installed in the Apple Watch Series 6 and the S7 installed in the Apple Watch Series 7 .
Apple Watch Series 8 will be equipped with a temperature sensor, which is expected to provide the ability to monitor the user’s temperature and notify them when the temperature is higher than normal .
Gherman said this feature will not be available on the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation).
With the release of Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be discontinued.

How much does the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE (2nd generation) cost?

The new Apple Watches to be released this fall are the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) , with sales prices starting at $ 399 and $ 279, respectively, according to Gurman.
These prices are the same as the selling prices for Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE .
If the reporter’s prediction is correct, the selling price in Japan may start from 58,800 yen including tax for the Apple Watch Series 8 and 40,800 yen including tax for the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation).
The reporter also said that the Apple Watch 8 Pro is expected to be lined up as the top model .
Source: Power On

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