Xiaomi launches Xiaomi 12 Lite featuring “fashionable urban women”

Xiaomi released a series of new summer products in Taiwan today. In addition to the flagship Xiaomi 12 Lite mobile phone, there are also a total of 8 new products including smart displays, tablets, wireless vacuum cleaners, conditioners, mini wireless fans and smart pet products. , can be said to be the most “various” press conference of Xiaomi recently.

First, the Xiaomi 12 Lite, which focuses on the “fashionable urban women” market. This is a model that weighs only 173g and is 7.29mm thick, but is still equipped with a 6.55-inch AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 4,300mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 778G processor. 

Its main mirror is a 108MP wide-angle lens, supplemented by an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2MP macro lens; the front lens is 32MP, placed in the center punch screen. Xiaomi 12 Lite is equipped with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage space.

It is available in three colors: “Texture Black”, “Light Wave Green” and “Light Wave Powder”, priced at NT$13,999. The pre-order is open from now on, and the pre-order gift is Xiaomi Bracelet 7 or Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 16W. It will be officially launched on August 1.

The second new product is Xiaomi Smart Display A2. This is a smart TV with Android TV and built-in Google Assistant, supporting Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio / DTS-HD. It has built-in two 12W speakers, and can make high-speed dynamic images smoother through Dynamic Calculation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology.

The Smart Display A2 is available in 55-inch and 43-inch sizes. The former is priced at NT$19,999, while the latter is NT$15,999. Before July 31, the 55-inch version has an early bird price of NT$17,999, and both are limited to Xiaomi Smart extension cable 20W fast charging version.

Next is the Xiaomi ultra-lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner, which relies on the body made of carbon fiber, the high-speed lightweight motor Atomo with 100AW suction (38% weight reduction), and the configuration design of the mechanical structure (filter element weight reduction 17%, filtration The weight of the components is reduced by 30%, and the weight of the lithium battery is reduced by 14%), and other efforts, the ultra-lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.2kg, which can reduce the burden of holding, especially when sucking high places. The Xiaomi ultra-lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner has noise reduction processing, and is equipped with an LCD screen to display information such as suction gear, remaining power, and fault prompts.

Xiaomi ultra-lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner is priced at NT$8,995, and also has an early bird price of NT$8,495 before July 31. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, it is also equipped with an electric soft fleece brush, an electric mite removal brush, a light brush, and a crevice brush head. And five tip accessories such as brush tips.

The fourth product is the Xiaomi Smart Wall Breaking Conditioner. Its main feature is an OLED knob that can quickly switch between several commonly used modes, and it can also send recipes through the app, so you don’t have to worry about which gear to adjust to.

If you really want to do it manually, the Xiaomi Smart Wall Breaker also provides 9 speed settings, which can break ingredients of various materials, and it has a built-in heating plate with a heating power of 500W at the bottom, so that it can make both cold and hot drinks. . The Xiaomi Smart Wall Breaker is priced at NT$2,995, and the early bird price is NT$2,795 before July 31.

Then there’s a fairly simple product, the Xiaomi Mini Wireless Fan. True to its name, it has a 4,000mAh battery inside, allowing it to work wirelessly for up to 18.5 hours, perfect for use without extra plugs or even outdoors. It has a total of four wind speed gears, which are controlled by a rather eye-catching orange spherical handle, and pressing this “ball” controls the left and right swing of the fan. Xiaomi Mini Wireless Fan is priced at NT$745, so there is no early bird price.

Xiaomi summer new products

The remaining three products are all products that we have written about when they were published in Hong Kong, so we will not repeat them here. If you want to know the functions and specifications of the smart pet feeder, smart pet water dispenser and Xiaomi Book S 12.4″ tablet, you can refer to our previous articles . Xiaomi smart pet feeder is priced at NT$2,695, early bird price is NT$2,495; pet drinking water The machine is priced at NT$1,495, and the early bird price is NT$1,395. Both of them have a combined set, priced at NT$3,790.

Xiaomi summer new products

Finally, the Xiaomi Book S 12.4″ tablet is priced at NT$20,995 alone, and you get a free Xiaomi GaN charger 65W (1A1C). The keyboard is priced at NT$2,995 alone, or NT$22,990 if you buy two together, plus a stylus. It is NT$23,990.

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